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Calvin Leete Elementary

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Activity Suggestions

1. "Mentees are teachers!" Let your mentee plan to teach you something they are knowledgeable about, and let them teach you.

2. "Go on a trip!" Not really of course, but choose a place you have always wanted to visit (Fiji, Greece, Disney World), find pictures and fun facts in magazines, books and online. When is the best time to go? What do you want to see while you are there? Then make your own scrapbook or travelers' guide. A great way to explore and learn geography!

3. Play the "who, what when,where, why, how" game. Rip 6 pieces of paper and on each write "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" and "how". Read a story, and take turns drawing one of the pieces of paper and answering a made up "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" or "how" about the story.

4. "Show and Tell!" You and your mentee can both bring in photos or items that are important to you.

5. "Check mate!" Teach each other how to play chess or checkers; get a book from the library to figure out how.

6. "What is onomatopoeia? Find out!" Each of you seek out new and interesting English words and share them at your next session. Make your own book of definitions.

7. "Make a collage!" Choose a theme like: "What do I want in my future?", "What is fashion?", "What I want to be", and find pictures and words in old magazines and glue them on paper.

8. Make a collage of a specific letter by cutting out pictures that begin with that letter; or make a number chart by finding and cutting out pictures of 1-dog, 2-letter "w", 3-shoes, etc.

9. Play Frisbee.

10. Paper Airplanes! Find a book or website about how to make different kinds of paper airplanes and have a contest to see whose goes the farthest!

11. "Take a tour!" Let your mentee give you a tour of their school.

12. "Solve it!" You and your mentee both take time making up your own math worksheets, then swap sheets, set the timer and see how many each of you can get done. This is most beneficial as a skill/self-esteem building activity if the mentor makes sure the math problems they create are on their mentee's math level. Your mentee will get a kick out of making your problems as difficult as then can!

13. Organize! Assist your mentee in organizing school work and developing study schedules.

14. Take your mentee's spelling words and cut the letters to spell each word out of newspapers, magazines and pictures and make spelling word flashcards.

15. Play tic-tac-toe or the dot game.

16. Go bird watching or virtual bird watching

17. Learn how to make Origami.

18. Every day is a holiday! Make a card of draw a picture for any upcoming holiday like Arbor Day or Talk like a Pirate Day.

19. Play 20 questions.

20. Put together a puzzle or make your own.

21. Learn to play a new card game like "I declare war", "go Fish", Hearts, Gin Rummy, Memory, Old Maid.

22. Play hangman.

23. Take turns reading a page, paragraph or sentence from a funny story aloud.

24. Walk on the playground and find as many leaves as possible and then try to find which trees your leaves came from.

25. Play charades.

26. "It's a mystery!" Write down a list of 10 things you've always wanted to know. "Why is it dark at night?", How does a car work?", How does an airplane fly?". Go to the library or go to the internet to figure out the answers.

27. Color or draw a picture.

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