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Our Stories

Our mentors often share those little moments that mean a lot. In the early days of the program, we would sit around in a circle and share stories and experiences - a wonderful connection between mentors and a time to learn from each other.  As we have grown to over 150 mentors in seven schools, we share these stories periodically via email.

Image by Khadeeja Yasser

"My mentor taught me that worries are only in my head and that they won't be as significant the next day or even in a few years. If I had never joined the mentoring program, I would not have this lesson to guide me through my years, or have the gratitude towards all mentors, who dedicate their time to make an impact on kids' lives."
-Graduating Senior

Image by Mike Kenneally

"I was walking in the hallway with my mentee and a group of peers when one of them asked him who I was. He answered, 'She's my mentor.' The other student then asked, 'What's a mentor?' and his reply was, 'She's my friend who I tell things to."
-Elementary School Mentor

Image by Stéphan Valentin

"My mentor has given me the strength to achieve what seems just out of reach. He has sacrificed a significant portion of his time to help me to be more independent and has motivated me to expand my horizons beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

"Thanks so much for encouraging me to mentor. Having a ball with this little guy and it feels great. I really love spending time with him." 
-Baldwin Middle School Mentor

Image by sydney Rae

"I have spent four years in mentoring; this program has helped me become the person I am today. I got into college because of this program. I learned basic life skills like love and happiness. I hope I can help others in life and get them through the tough stuff like mentoring did for me."
-2020 Graduating Senior


"As a freshman everything is so fresh, new and definitely scary. I was so nervous being in this new school with all these older kids. I was very nervous when a woman approached me and told me I would benefit from getting into the mentoring program. Little did I know this woman would change the way I look at life and help me be a better person. She was there for me and I honestly don't know where I would be today if I hadn't met her."
-2020 Graduating Senior

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

"Mentoring has opened my eyes to the entire world and has allowed me to understand that I don't have to fight this alone and even isolate myself from family and friends due to my overpowering emotions."

-Graduating Senior

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