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Keyboard and Mouse
Image by Thomas Park

Zoom Time

Ideas and resources for spending virtual time with your mentee using Zoom.

Image by Del
Guess the Animal
Image by Doruk Yemenici

One player thinks of an animal and the other player asks questions to figure out what the animal is.


Simple and fun.

I Spy

One player picks an object in the background of their screen area. Then the other player tries to guess what object they picked by asking questions to figure it out.

Image by Leonard Reese
  • Using Zoom's Whiteboard function (click sharescreen/whiteboard), draw a series of dashes (blanks) corresponding to the letters in your word or phrase.

  • The kids start guessing letters, one at a time. If they guess a letter that belongs in the word, you must fill it in at the right blank. If they get it wrong, make a note of the letter at the bottom.

  • Every time a wrong letter is guessed, a part of the hangman is drawn; head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. That means they can get 5 guesses wrong. On the 6th wrong guess, the game ends, and the hangman stick figure is complete.

Drawing Competition

Get out you coloring pencils and crayons and let the kids’ imagination flow. Simply give them a theme, and watch them run with it. Don’t forget to frame those precious drawings!

Image by John Cameron
Image by Amanda Jones
Image by Randy Fath

One player needs a chess board with the Zoom Camera pointed on it. That player makes the moves for both players.

Rock Paper Scissors
  • One player says out loud ‘Rock, paper, scissors’. On hearing the word ‘scissors, all the players choose an object to represent with their hand (out of the 3).

  • Rock beats scissors. Rock loses to paper.

  • Paper beats rock. Paper loses to scissors

  • Scissors beats paper. Scissors loses to rock.

Image by Charles Deluvio
Show & Tell/Pet Parade

Have the kids put on a show and talk about their favorite toy, object, or even their pet! They can dress up and prepare an essay to talk about with everyone else. You could create an outline to help them write the essay, like ‘why did you choose this’, ‘why is it your favorite’, etc. If pets are involved, they can even dress up their pets and show off some tricks! Everyone learns something, and the kids have fun!

20 Questions
  • Select an object, but do not tell anyone else.

  • The players have 20 questions that they can ask, to try and figure out what the object is. The questions can only have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.  For example, a right question would be ‘is the object red in color?’; a wrong question would be ‘what color is the object?’

Image by Del
Online Mad Libs
Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown
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