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Gift Giving

Your relationship and the time and experiences you share together is your invaluable gift to your mentee. For those who feel they need to do something for their mentee, please remember to keep it small.

  • a thoughtful card is very special

  • a book to donate to the school library or a game for the building mentoring supplies is something you can share with others

  • a card or other craft project that you do together that your mentee can take home to share with his/her family

  • please be careful about gifts of food; both the abundance of allergies and district wellness and nutritional policies complicate food gifts

  • check in with us or building staff if you think your mentee has a sibling or close friend in the program to avoid complicated situations especially during the time of year end celebrations

  • we'd love to hear the ideas you've developed over the years so that we can share with other mentors

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