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Palumbo's 35th Anniversary

On Monday, I was honored to be invited to join Peter Palumbo in celebrating his 35 years in business in Guilford. The actual anniversary of Palumbo Automotive was the week prior, but Peter was busy down in Puerto Rico, repairing hurricane damage with the PF kids from First Congregational Church.

Peter recently was recognized as a Hometown Hero and I think it’s important to pause for a moment and recognize what he does for our community. When he sees a way to make a difference, he just does it.

I love meetings with Peter because they are lighthearted and quick and then we roll up our sleeves and get going. He is creative and brings a sense of fun and there is heartfelt meaning that makes a real difference to those who benefit. He tackles serious issues in a way that leaves his teammates feeling optimistic and energized. The number of people who have benefited from his caring are too many to count, but I do know that each individual is important to him.

In honor of 35 years, Peter has committed to donating $3500 to organizations in Guilford and Guilford Youth Mentoring is lucky to be one. Peter has been a long-standing and committed supporter of the program. Thank you, Peter!

Lisa Ott

April 2022


Palumbo's Automotive

35 Years of Kindness Quality and Commitment

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